The Honeymoon by Rona Halsall


‘I’m your husband, Chloe. We’re a partnership now and we do what’s best for us as a couple.’ 

Dan and Chloe haven’t known each other for long, but as she walks down the aisle and sees him standing by the altar, tears glistening in his eyes, she knows this was forever.

It had been a whirlwind romance, but Dan was simply the nicest, kindest man she’d ever met. And, after her troubled childhood, seeing the way he cared for his ailing mother and seemed to want to look after her too, it just felt like there were no obstacles in their way.

Later, as they relax on a beautiful island, settling in to their new married life together, they congratulate themselves on their lovely wedding day, and Dan jokes that he’d like them to stay there forever.

But as the honeymoon goes on, he becomes increasingly adamant. They shouldn’t leave. In fact, he won’t let her…

Is he protecting her, as he claims? Or is it something more sinister? An utterly gripping psychological thriller for fans of Gillian Flynn, Clare Mackintosh, and The Wife Between Us.

Release date: 7th June

This book is pacy and tense and everything you’ll want from a thriller! 

Rona Halsall is an expert in misdirection and had me racing through The Honeymoon. I thought I knew exactly what this book was going to be about but I was wrong. Fantastic!  

What I thought

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